Please use these calculators as a guide to working out a repayment for your specific borrowing requirements.  (The most common one’s are highlighted)

As interest rates are determined by the lender based on many factors unique to each applicant and loan product, we have structured the repayment calculators to allow you to factor in all variables to suit your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss current interest rates and to lock in a rate specific to your circumstances as we have access to wholesale rates that are not available directly from the banks.

There is no obligation or cost in discussing a quote so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain as we may be able to save you thousands of $$$ in interest or many months or even years off your loan.

Cars & Equipment

  1. Chattel Mortgage Calculator

Property Finance

  1. Loan Repayment Calculator
  2. Loan Comparison Calculator
  3. Honeymoon Loan Calculator
  4. Extra Repayment Calculator
  5. Lump Sum Calculator
  6. Home Loan Offset Calculator
  7. How Long To Repay Calculator
  8. Split Loan Calculator
  9. Reverse Mortgage Calculator


  1. Income Tax Calculator
  2. Stamp Duty Calculator
  3. Property Buying Cost Calculator
  4. Property Selling Cost Calculator
  5. Borrowing Power Calculator
  6. Budget Planner
  7. Credit Card Calculator
  8. Term Deposit Calculator
  9. Savings Calculator