Interest rates?

The interest rate applicable to any finance transaction in based on many factors specific to each individual loan application.

We pride ourselves on being able to secure some of the lowest interest rates available in the market and would be delighted to arrange a no-obligation indicative quote at your convenience.

If we are not able to save you time and money then we wouldn't expect you to use our services.

We will give you our best quote, first time, every time – guaranteed.

What will your services cost me?

We are pleased to advise that generally our lenders pay us for introducing your business to them as we are saving them the cost of obtaining and handling your business themselves.

If we need to charge you for our services then we will advise you of this prior to any fee becoming payable by you and will obtain your written consent and acknowledgement to any such fee.

Generally we are able to add any related loan fees to the loan amount required for disbursement at the time of settlement.

We have never and will never seek payment of any fee for simply reviewing your application.